Custom Helmet Design & Paint

Make a statement and bring your personality to life with a custom designed and airbrushed Vortex helmet (available for all models and materials).

Our helmet partners are the best in the business, which is why we personally use them ourselves - and have done for more than a ten years.

The two examples on this page are some of our recent creations, flawlessly details with the same exceptional precision we have come to expect for a decade.

To learn more about our helmet design and helmet airbrushing services, please contact us at the foot of the page.

We will provide you with details of our reccomended design partners and you can arrange with them a stunning livery for your helmet.


    Size Guide

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    Size Guides

    Custom Measurement Form

    For FIA & SFI Race Suits (standard & custom designs)


    General Suit Size Guide

    Size Chest (cm)
    Waist (cm)
    XXS 88 70
    XS 92 80
    S 96 84
    M 106 94
    L 112 96
    XL 116 104
    2XL 122 110
    3XL 126 116
    4XL 130 122
    5XL 140 132
    6XL 150 148

    Please Note:
    - This size chart is general for all suits..there will be some +or- in sizes
    - The chart gives maximum measurements at full stretch of each size area
    - As a general rule, allow 4-5cm below the measurement for a snug fit
    - As a general rule, allow 6-10cm below the measurement for a relaxed fit
    - If you are unsure, contact us for further instructions on your correct size

    XXS/XS AND S sizes fit up to approx 165 cm tall

    M size up to approx 180cm tall 


    Helmet Size Guide

    Size Circumference above ears (cm)
    XS 52-53
    S 54-55
    M 56-57
    L 58-59
    XL 60-61
    2XL 62-63