"Formula" helmet with ZAMP Z-TECH SERIES 2A FHR device COMBO

* ZAMP Z-TECH SERIES 2A device (FHR is SFI 38.1 approved) .

* helmet is Snell2020 rated (latest rating).

*this will prepare you for circuits and championships where the use of "FRONTAL HEAD RESTRAINTS" has become mandatory for vehicles with cages and 4/5 or 6 point harness's.

* We are happy to fit the posts for you at no extra cost if required.

*and still freight free

*this combo is for our WHITE or MATT BLACK 'formula' helmet


1- WHITE or Matt black  'formula ' helmet 

2-  ZAMP Z-TECH SERIES 2A FHR DEVICE and helmet fitting posts

3- lightweight  900 grams adjustable width

4- features kevlar single point  tethers as standard along with winglets to aid location of the harness, 2"or 3" harness accepted

5- one size can be adjusted to fit all neck sizes as the shoulder width , arm width and arm angle can be adjusted as well as adjustment for different types of seats.

6- made from fibreglass reinforced nylon and modified alloy to give the device a dampening characteristic in a crash

Size Guide

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Size Guides

Custom Measurement Form

For FIA & SFI Race Suits (standard & custom designs)


General Suit Size Guide

Size Chest (cm)
Waist (cm)
XXS 88 70
XS 92 80
S 96 84
M 106 94
L 112 96
XL 116 104
2XL 122 110
3XL 126 116
4XL 130 122
5XL 140 132
6XL 150 148

Please Note:
- This size chart is general for all suits..there will be some +or- in sizes
- The chart gives maximum measurements at full stretch of each size area
- As a general rule, allow 4-5cm below the measurement for a snug fit
- As a general rule, allow 6-10cm below the measurement for a relaxed fit
- If you are unsure, contact us for further instructions on your correct size

XXS/XS AND S sizes fit up to approx 165 cm tall

M size up to approx 180cm tall 


Helmet Size Guide

Size Circumference above ears (cm)
XS 52-53
S 54-55
M 56-57
L 58-59
XL 60-61
2XL 62-63

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