MotorSport New Zealand Counterfeit and FIA Product Status Update

December 03, 2014

MotorSport New Zealand have recently published a list of counterfeit FIA harnesses and racewear products which have lost their FIA ratings.

This affects mandatory FIA sanctioned classes including and limited to the Toyota Racing Series, NZ SuperTourers and Toyota TR86 Series.

MNZ, our sport's governing body, are well aware of how these products impact the New Zealand market.

We strongly advise that if you have any queries regarding any products available in NZ, no matter where or whom you purchase from, that you contact the Motorsport New Zealand Technical Department on:

04 815 8088 - Technical Assistant Terry Carkeek
04 815 8084 - Technical Assistant Mike Macready
04 815 8089 - Technical Manager Julian Leach

Please explain to them the products you own, and the type of motorsport you compete in, to clarify and ensure your peace of mind.

Size Guides including ZAMP

Custom Measurement Form

For FIA & SFI Race Suits (standard & custom designs)

 Zamp Helmet Size Chart

Zamp Shoes Chart socks_sizechart.jpg (1000×558)General Suit Size Guide

Size Chest (cm)
Waist (cm)
XXS 88 70
XS 92 80
S 96 84
M 106 94
L 112 96
XL 116 104
2XL 122 110
3XL 126 116
4XL 130 122
5XL 140 132
6XL 150 148

Please Note:
- This size chart is general for all suits..there will be some +or- in sizes
- The chart gives maximum measurements at full stretch of each size area
- As a general rule, allow 4-5cm below the measurement for a snug fit
- As a general rule, allow 6-10cm below the measurement for a relaxed fit
- If you are unsure, contact us for further instructions on your correct size

XXS/XS AND S sizes fit up to approx 165 cm tall

M size up to approx 180cm tall