Safety in NZ Motorsport

MotorSport New Zealand
Schedule A - Exerpt

Protective Clothing Requirements:
All occupants shall wear clothing made to an approved standard or of an approved material and design as follows:

  • (a) ClubSport status Events: overalls, socks and closed shoes shall be worn (except for Motorkhanas or Car Trials), and
  • (b) National status Events (including Rallysprints):
    • (i) Overalls either Multi-layer, or Single layer worn in combination with underwear, and
    • (ii) Socks and closed shoes, and
    • (iii) Gloves shall also be worn in Single Seater and Open Sports Racing Cars.

Approved Protective Clothing Standards & Materials:
Examples of the following standards labels are detailed in Part Two Article 4 of this Schedule:

  • FIA: FIA8856-2000 or Norm 1986 Standard
  • SFI: Spec 3.2(A) or Spec 3.3
  • ISO: ISO 6940
  • Clothing not manufactured to a Standard; shall be made entirely of a flame resistant material (e.g. Nomex, Aramid, Wool, Cotton, Leather, etc.).
  • Clothing made of flammable material (e.g. nylon or similar synthetics) is not approved.

FIA Disclaimer

All Vortex Racewear products that carry Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) labeling have undergone a stringent testing process with FIA personnel, with approval based on the a number of parameters including among others: fabric strength, build quality and fire resistance.

All FIA products around the world are manufactured and tested to an exact standard regardless of the location, brand name or price.

FIA products are manufactured to a standard far in excess of other products on the market. All homologation documents for Vortex Racewear are filed with MotorSport New Zealand and can be verified at any time.

FIA non-destructable holographic label

FIA rated Vortex Racewear products carry the latest FIA holographic labelling, introduced in 2013 with new holographic labels which carry 'destruct if removed' instructions.

Each item carries a hologram unique to the specific item serial number, introduced in 2013 by the FIA to help counter issues of attempted counterfeiting of products around the world. This latest initiative puts Vortex Racewear at the highest possible level of FIA product manufacturing and distribution in Australasia.

An example of an FIA holographic label is below:
Size Guides including ZAMP

Custom Measurement Form

For FIA & SFI Race Suits (standard & custom designs)

 Zamp Helmet Size Chart

Zamp Shoes Chart socks_sizechart.jpg (1000×558)General Suit Size Guide

Size Chest (cm)
Waist (cm)
XXS 88 70
XS 92 80
S 96 84
M 106 94
L 112 96
XL 116 104
2XL 122 110
3XL 126 116
4XL 130 122
5XL 140 132
6XL 150 148

Please Note:
- This size chart is general for all suits..there will be some +or- in sizes
- The chart gives maximum measurements at full stretch of each size area
- As a general rule, allow 4-5cm below the measurement for a snug fit
- As a general rule, allow 6-10cm below the measurement for a relaxed fit
- If you are unsure, contact us for further instructions on your correct size

XXS/XS AND S sizes fit up to approx 165 cm tall

M size up to approx 180cm tall